Data To Dashboard

BryteFlow works seamlessly with native AWS services to give you the agility and flexibility to build very affordable analytics or operational reporting environments in a flash. You can visualize and analyse your data in minutes.

Our Data to Dashboard in minutes series demonstrates just how. All videos use SQL Server as a source but work exactly the same for SAP, Oracle and other connectors

Agility in action with BryteFlow Ingest and Amazon Athena

Agility in action with BryteFlow Ingest, BryteFlow Blend and Amazon Athena

Achieve high Performance with BryteFlow Ingest clever partitioning mechanisms and Amazon Athena

Ease of use, save costs with BryteFlow Ingest and Redshift Spectrum

Build your data lake for your data science teams and your data warehouse for your BI teams in minutes

Creating a Star Schema in your Data Lake

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