BryteFlow Data Lake for SAP

Origin embarked on a journey to create a cloudbased Data and Analytics environment. Bryte has been with us from the beginning as we turn this vision into a reality. There have been some unique challenges in our environment, such as the nature of our SAP deployment, the volumes of data involved, and the exact manner in which we wanted our data handled. Throughout, Bryte has been more than a software vendor – it has been our ETL ‘partner’ in the full sense of the term. They have been part of the strategic road map conversation, provided advice on our Amazon S3/Redshift Data lake architecture, have made material contributions to our knowledge of AWS products (in particular Redshift and EMR where their knowledge is outstanding) and have generally been a valued advisor on our journey. Their software and business model appear to have significant flexibility, and as new requirements become apparent they are quick to evolve and incorporate new features into their core platform. In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone embarking on a journey similar to ours.

James Moor – General Manager, Data and Analytics

Key Features

  • Automated Data Extraction
  • SAP Object to Data Model conversion
  • Low Cost Data Storage
  • Advanced Analytics, ML & AI
  • Create data assets across SAP and non-SAP data
  • Access to Real Time SAP Data
  • Time series your SAP data

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Analytics Ready SAP Data In An Amazon S3 Data Lake

With BryteFlow, Analysts can extract data from a full range of SAP Modules with just a few clicks. The software provides a range of data conversions out of the box including Typecasting and GUID data type conversion to ensure that your SAP data is ready for analytical consumption. Further, BryteFlow enables custom business logic to be configured to consolidate SAP data from multiple applications or modules into AI and Machine Learning ready inputs.

Zero impact on SAP source

BryteFlow eliminates the need for complex application procedures or queries to extract SAP data. It extracts data from the SAP application’s database level logs and does not require any additional agents or software to be installed in your SAP environment..

Monitoring dashboard

BryteFlow for SAP displays various dashboards and statistics to stay informed on the extraction process as well as reconciling differences between source and target data.

Remodeling data to make it consumable

BryteFlow for SAP can replicate complex data and data modules by remodeling the data into analytical data formats. This makes the data usable outside of an SAP environment.

Automatic catch-up from network dropout

In the event of a system outage or lost connectivity, BryteFlow for SAP features an automated catch-up mode.

Near real-time replication

With frequent incremental extractions, compression and parallel streams, data is constantly kept up-to-date and available to enable real-time analytics.

Masking and tokenization

BryteFlow for SAP provides enterprise grade security to mask, tokenize or exclude sensitive data from the data extraction processes.

SQL workbench to blend data sources

An easy to use drag-and-drop workbench delivers a codeless development environment to build complex SQL jobs and dependencies across SAP and non-SAP data.

Time-scale history

BryteFlow for SAP provides out-of-the-box options to maintain the full history of every transaction from SAP with options for automated data archiving.

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